At Amundson’s Auctions we believe a successful auction sale can be achieved by using proper identification, effective advertising, and presentation at sale. With our knowledge and research techniques, we identify and categorize your items then effectively advertise and promote your product to interested buyers. We create quality photographs of the items and use an array of media avenues such as internet, newspaper, publications, radio, flyers, or other print media to announce the details of the upcoming sale. Finally we execute a clean and organized sale of your items at auction, bringing buyers and sellers together to a dynamic and exciting marketplace. During the sale, the auctioneer acts as your agent working to get you the highest bid price for your items to the highest bidder.

Our main goal by using these fundamental practices supplemented by our honesty, integrity, and professionalism is to achieve the result of an all around great auction experience for both the buyers and the sellers.

Amundson’s Auctions was formed from a passion for both salesmanship and public auctions. We saw the auction process providing sellers a fair and open market where they could sell for the highest bid price, quickly. And simultaneously, where buyers could find good items of use, collectibles, and one of a kind treasures. The auction method has a long history which is known to date back as early as 500BC. And yet, still today more popular than ever! This trusted method is also typically a determining reference to an items value. Many like us have experienced these benefits and excitement of both buying and selling at public auction.

Our experience is not in one particular category, or type of item. Our knowledge is diversified and our desire to continually grow and learn each day is driven by our passion for knowing what we’re selling. We offer our services confidently whatever your needs may be, from a simple household estate to a complex business liquidation.

Scott Amundson is a collegiate trained Auctioneer and a Deans List recipient for the Auctioneer program from the Harrisburg Area Community College in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

PA Auctioneer #AU005880-L